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You & Yours on Dore coming up

‘Fri 15th August You and Yours, 12.00-1.00pm
12.30: Face the Facts: The Dore Programme: controversial treatment for
dyslexia has gone bust.’

Probably be on Listen Again here afterwards:

May be interesting – particularly in light of the appalling record of You and Yours as a vehicle for Dore advertorial, including an interview & plug the day before Dore UK went bust.

Other news – I’m offline having adventures again for a bit. Back September-ish. I’ve also tried another thing that dyspraxics probably should be warned off, in this case ceilidh dancing at a friend’s wedding. Good fun, and I only accidentally punched one person in the nose, no serious injuries. Folk dancing seems to be a bit like rugby, but with more fiddles and an accordion.

Hope to see some of you at the Science Blogging conference, look out for the Green Computer.

3 Responses to “You & Yours on Dore coming up”

  1. Totally was not nicking your idea, as you may recall, I said “I would like to visit L’Arche” and you said “Oh, I’ve been invited to visit” Great minds clearly think alike 🙂

    I thought the website said there were vacancies in Brecon?

    Funny, you’re right about the post (well, I would know 🙂 ), and I have been entertaining the prospect of applying. Will let you know.


  2. […] Brain Duck who is trying to understand uncertainty blogs over at […]

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