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To follow up my previous post on Cartoon Church & SSGT, I’m re-publishing all Dave Walker’s original posts on SPCK on my blog as a PDF (Thanks to Matt Wardman for putting these together). I do not believe that SSGT should be allowed to use legal bullying to prevent some very mild-mannered comments from a Thoroughly Nice Bloke being blogged.

Other people who have done the same thing have had bizarre legal threats – I’m fortunate enough to be too broke to sue, and used to much scarier lawyers from the likes of Dore.

Without further ado, here are the missing ‘Cartoon Church’ posts.

Please re-publish them as widely as possible.

Who’s Supporting Dave Walker?

  1. St Aidan to Abbey Manor – David Keen – Vicar (Yeovil)
  2. The Wardman Wire – Matt Wardman (audio of BBC interview from 12/2007)
  3. Gentle Wisdom – Peter Kirk
  4. Bishop Alan’s Blog – Alan Wilson, Area Bishop of Buckingham
  5. Blogula-Rasa – Ginny (detailed – worth a read)
  6. Metacatholic – Doug Chaplin – Vicar (West Midlands)
  7. Of course, I could be wrong – Madpriest – Priest (somewhere in England)
  8. Seven whole days – Scott Gunn – Parish Priest (Rhode Island) and Lambeth Conference.
  9. Thinking Anglicans – Simon Kershaw – Cambridge, England (likely to follow further press coverage)
  10. The Jewish Blog Network – How to recover deleted pages. Firefox Resurrect Pages add-on.
  11. Lingamish – Blogger Bludgeoned by Bozos – David Ker – Mozambique. Kudos for the cartoon above.
  12. [Update: 23/07/2008] SPCK Watch – Gagging attempts by Mark Brewer – SPCK Watch. (Somewhere in Europe). Whole blog devoted to SPCK saga.
  13. [Update: 23/07/2008] Elizaphanian – We are all Dave Walkers now – Sam Norton, Rector of West Mersea, Essex. Suggests that we reposts Dave’s ex-posts from Google Cache
  14. [Update: 23/07/2008]Mad Hare – Solidarity post – SPCK/SSG and Dave Walker (New Mexico : United States).
  15. [Update:24/07/2008 AM]The Cartoon Blog – Cease and Desist Demand from Mark Brewer Dave’s original post – now gone
  16. [Update:24/07/2008 AM]GOD, CHRIST: QUESTIONS & FAITH – More and More on the Exploding SPCK Story & Dave Walker’s Cartoon Church Blog Check out the illustration from the 1950s
  17. [Update:24/07/2008 AM]Saintly Ramblings – Dave Walker Solidarity Post
  18. [Update:24/07/2008 AM]SPCK/SSG: News, Notes & Info – Comments on Moderation Expect comment when owner returns from holiday
  19. [Update:24/07/2008 AM]PamBG’s Blog – Those Christian Bookshops
  20. [Update:24/07/2008 AM]Scatter Cushions – Nothing like like having an informed debate
  21. [Update:24/07/2008 AM]connexions – Cartoon blogger silenced
  22. [Update:24/07/2008 AM]Turbulent Cleric – Libel law used as censorship Reflections on the Craig Murray case
  23. [Update:24/07/2008 AM]Exigency In Specie – Bullying the Bloggers Southern England
  24. [Update:24/07/2008 AM]Asingleblog – Brewers are challenged in court More detail on the attempt to put SPCK UK into Chapter 11 in the USA
  25. [Update:24/07/2008 AM]Philip’s Tree House – I’m also Dave Walker
  26. [Update:24/07/2008 AM]John Inbetween – Yet another Dave Walker
  27. [Update:24/07/2008 AM]Wormwood’s Doxy – Because there’s nothing I hate more than a bully….Standing up for Dave Walker & SPCK
  28. [Update:25/07/2008 AM]Dave Cole – I’m Dave Walker
  29. [Update:25/07/2008 AM]Ministry of Truth – SPCK owner seeks US bankruptcy protection for UK charity KEY POST – Digging into the Brewer “Legal Manoeuvres in the Dark”, and further posts
  30. [Update:25/07/2008 AM]Blogpower – Defending the Blog – Blogpower Roundup – The Civil Liberties Edition Civil Liberties Roundup – Understand the Wider Issues
  31. [Update:25/07/2008 AM]Brainducks Weblog – Cartoon Church blog target of legal bullying
  32. [Update:25/07/2008 AM]D-Notice – D-Notice: Religious Nuts
  33. [Update:25/07/2008 AM]Back Towards The Locus – “Come Together, Raaaayt Nahahow, Over A Bullying Bookshop Chain”
  34. [Update:25/07/2008 AM]Sim-O Random Thoughts – I’m Dave Walker and so’s my wife
  35. [Update:25/07/2008 AM]Safety Photo – Dave Walker Cease and Desist Notice
  36. [Update:27/07/2008 AM]Around the Worktable – My Name is Dave Walker, and Yours Should Be, Too Text of comment made on Slashdot
  37. [Update:27/07/2008 AM]ASBO Jesus – 519 Dave Walker
  38. [Update:27/07/2008 AM]Rachel North – SPCK Up Shortlisted for Best Headline Award so far
  39. [Update:27/07/2008 AM]Bloggerheads – I support Dave Walker
  40. [Update:27/07/2008 AM]Johny Void – For God’s Sake Cease and Desist Ever so slightly satirical 😉
  41. [Update:27/07/2008 AM]42 My life, the universe and everything – Dave Walker
  42. [Update:27/07/2008 AM]kneel in wonder at heaven touching earth – Paul Sibley
  43. [Update:27/07/2008 AM]Supersimbo – Dave Walker we salute you
  44. [Update:27/07/2008 AM]Safety Joke – Safety Joke
  45. [Update:27/07/2008 AM]Decloned – William Lehman
  46. [Update:27/07/2008 AM]Squiggle Jones – Silence is not always golden…
  47. [Update:27/07/2008 AM]Chris Luff, discomblogulating – Legal intimidation?
  48. [Update:30/07/2008 AM]Maggi Dawn – Dave Walker and SPCK
  49. [Update:30/07/2008 AM]Tim Abbott – Dave Walker solidarity post
  50. [Update:30/07/2008 AM]Mark Tiddy’s Blog and Website – News
  51. [Update:30/07/2008 AM]SPCK / SSG Bookshop Posts – We are all Dave Walker now
  52. [Update:30/07/2008 AM]A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life – Freedom of Conscience – Allegedly
  53. [Update:30/07/2008 AM] – Mark Brewer: Responding to Dave Walker Funny
  54. [Update:30/07/2008 AM] – More SPCK bullying…
  55. [Update:30/07/2008 AM]Lingapotamus – save dave
  56. [Update:30/07/2008 AM]Program Your Own Mind – Supporting Dave Walker against Mark Brewer and his company’s legal threats
  57. [Update:30/07/2008 AM]Philobiblon – Britblog Roundup No 180
  58. [Update:30/07/2008 AM]Talk to Action – Texas Religious Right Charity with UK Links Tries to Liquidate
  59. [Update:03/08/2008 AM]Kouya Chronicle – Blogs and Justice
  60. [Update:03/08/2008 AM]Way out West – Censorship
  61. [Update:03/08/2008 AM]The Walsingham Girl – I Support Dave Walker ! Post from Orthodox Christian
  62. [Update:03/08/2008 AM]Revmusings – Free Speech
  63. [Update:03/08/2008 AM]Anne’s Blog – I am also Dave Walker
  64. [Update:03/08/2008 AM]One Blog One Lord – One Blog one Lord
  65. [Update:03/08/2008 AM]Thoughts … and more thoughts – Chester SPCK? Visit to SPCK Chester, and found it closed
  66. [Update:03/08/2008 AM]Orthodox Christian Mission Yahoo Group – How NOT to do mission In the past it has been possible to see that in many instances Orthodox
    mission has been more culturally sensitive than Western Christian missions. But organisations like the St Stephen the Great Charity seem to have adopted
    some of the worst features of Christian missionaries in the past, and sought
    to emulate all their mistakes and display none of their virtues.
  67. [Update:03/08/2008 AM]The Ongoing Journey… – SPCK and takeover + silence!
  68. [Update:03/08/2008 AM]Ancient Hebrew Poetry – Biblical Studies Carnival XXXII Part Two
  69. [Update:03/08/2008 AM]Intelligence and Ignorance – Dave Walker, victim
  70. [Update:03/08/2008 AM]Deep Thought – Dave Walker solidarity post
  71. The original copy of this list is on the Wardman Wire here.

7 Responses to “I’m Dave Walker”

  1. Hi Brainduck. Looks like your file’s gone AWOL, it’s giving a 404.

    Link here if you like: Review of The Dave Walker Reposts

    Cheers & all that. Dave still seems to be keeping his head below the parapet, entirely understandably from my POV having been on the end of a Brewer C&D myself, but I for one and many others appreciate all the support.


  2. Despite being a confirmed atheist, I fully support your stance on this. Freedom of speech, on or off-line, is vital and should be defended at every opportunity.

  3. Thanks for the post and the link.


  4. […] AM]Brainduck’s Weblog – I’m Dave Walker Includes copy of Dave Walker posts […]

  5. […] bizarre legal threats – I??m fortunate enough to be too broke to sue, and used to much scarier lawye Carnival on hold this year Cambridge Chronicle & Cambridge Tab What is expected to be the […]

  6. When I first met Dave Walker, I said, “Are you Dave Walker?” and a guy nearby said, “No, I’m Dave Walker and so’s my wife!”

    May he be an example to us all.

  7. I love the theme you are using, I have a WordPress blog as well, and I would love to use this theme. Anyway you can tell me what its called?

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