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ITV Yorkshire do Dore anecdote

Hi all, I’ve not vanished, just had a summer job which mostly involved being in muddy fields far from the Internet.

For anyone else in Yorkshire, ITV Yorkshire are going to be doing a Dore anecdote / free advertising tonight in the 6 o’clock ‘news’.

I’ve phoned them up this afternoon and explained the background & problems with this approach (anecdotes are not data, lack of evidence base, Dore’s tendency to use lawyers to suppress negative anecdotes, the usual) and pointed them at some background reading and questions to ask. I will be surprised if they take this on board, since the person I spoke to said it’s ‘just a piece about a girl from Harrogate’. Still, they’ve now got less excuse than some.

2 Responses to “ITV Yorkshire do Dore anecdote”

  1. […] Meanwhile, Dore’s expensive PR company, Phil Hall Associates, are pushing a human-interest, celebrity-backed media drive. This has seen them get slots on several regional news programmes and local papers, where Dore have been able to deliver their message completely unchallenged, despite in one case my telephoning the TV station before transmission. […]

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