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USA DORE close too

Several sources indicate that US Dore centres have also closed down. It looks as though people will be switched to My Dore, a website giving videos and instructions for the exercises.

I’d suggest cancelling any payments which may be due or cheques you may have written that have not yet been cashed, as soon as possible. More information when I’ve got it.

10 Responses to “USA DORE close too”

  1. Brainduck, it was a big coup for Dore when they signed up Ned Hallowell, MD, to have Dore treatments at his center. (He’s a very well-known in the US ADHD world). Oops. Guess it ididn’t turn the trick in the US

    Here’s the link to the latest message from DoreUSA:

  2. Thanks.

    Quick note – I’m not going to be keeping this blog up-to-date for the next few days, as I’m getting my head down to finish dissertation. Meanwhile, I’d suggest keeping an eye on other blogs for the latest news.


    Good luck all!

  3. Liz Ditz
    I think you’re wrong about it not turning the trick. I think it was the trick.
    Check this out
    I think rather the private equity guy brought in to run DORE set up this licence agreement, could not persuade them to take on the debts of the other centres and so the last month staff and clients have danced to the bankers’ tune. It will undoubtedly advance cerebellar theory though. By the way the link is true. The rest is my humble opinion so do not take it as truth.


    I have a child on the Dore Programme in NZ and have just received a letter from Dore NZ’s General Manager which included a copy of this letter I’ve posted below

    I advise that on Thursday the 15th of May, 2008 I was appointed the administrator of the Dore Group (Australasia) Limited (Dore Aust) in terms of 5.3A of the Australian Corporation Act. The appointment was made by the company pursuant to a resolution passed at a meeting of directors. Dore Australia operates in Australia only.

    Dore Group (NZ) Ltd is registered in and managed in NZ. It is a separate legal entity that operates only in NZ independently of Dore Aust. Dore NZ is not reliant on Dore Aust for finance.

    Dore NZ is not in voluntary administration. (in bold)

    You may obtain more information about Dore NZ from the NZ government’s official website

    Yours faithfully

    Administrator of Dore Australia

  5. Thanks for the info Molly.

  6. Will it follow suit though – DORE, Wynford Newman was appointed Director of DORE ACHIEVEMENT CENTRE (NZ) LIMITED on 27-MAR-2008.

  7. brainduck -i’ve been followin’ the rise and fall of this dyslexiamarket place product for a few years now. like your style and feel the vibe for the use of the blog and creative commons. sparky

  8. I was directed to your comments on the forum by bengoldacre.

    It’s nice to see rational thought rear its head… keep up the good work! 🙂

  9. Dore Group Ltd NZ put itself into voluntary liquidation on 23rd March, 2009. My son started the Program barely 3 months ago. They insisted on $NZ5500 upfront and had recently had a nationwide recruitment campaigne.

  10. […] to ‘Joesmum’ for this comment: ‘Dore Group Ltd NZ put itself into voluntary liquidation on 23rd March, 2009. My son started […]

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