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Dore NZ ‘voluntary liquidation’

April 16, 2009

Oh no, not again… Company Number 1259796 View Certificate Of Incorporation Company DORE GROUP (NZ) LIMITED (IN LIQ) EMAIL CERTIFICATE Incorporated 27-NOV-2002 View Online Extract Entity Type Company EMAIL EXTRACT Constitution Filed Yes CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING Annual Return Filing Month June Print This Page Status Details Current Status In Liquidation From To Previous Status […]

DORE shut

May 24, 2008

*updated with info on administrators, Friday 31st May* DORE UK have shut down, officially confirmed. ‘It is with great regret that we have to announce that Dore has been put into the hands of advisors. As a result Dore is closing all of the UK centres which deliver the Dore Programme with immediate effect. We […]

DORE statement on Australia

May 18, 2008

DORE have at last put up a brief confirmation on DOREtalk that DORE Australia are not operating due to being in financial trouble. If you’ve come to this blog looking for information on that, please read the post below this one first, I’m updating it regularly with any & all sources I can find. I’ve […]

DORE Australia collapse

May 17, 2008

Last updated Saturday morning, GMT. I’ve written a timeline of UK & international DORE goings-on in another post, will be updating there from now on instead. An offer: if anyone wants to make available information about what is going on without revealing their identity, I’m happy to re-post stuff anonymously, unedited and in full. Bung […]