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About Brainduck

‘Brainduck’s powers are activated through a headache. It is slow-witted and clumsy by nature, and the vacant expression often unnerves its foes’.

These are some things other people have said about me:

Brainduck meanwhile is a psychology undergraduate at York with dyspraxia. She’s going for postgraduate positions in psychology at the moment, and if she applies to you (her blog is on her CV) then I suggest you give her a job, because she has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to interpret published academic research of poor quality – and then communicate it in lay terms – better than almost any journalist in the international news media so far.’

(Ben Goldacre, ‘Bad Science’, The Guardian, May 31st 2008)

*blush*. Seriously, please someone give me a job. Preferably one that lets me keep my ATHENS academic journal access.

Bloggers… hide behind their anonymity and make comments which are ill informed, based on limited knowledge, biased and have therefore been very damaging to Dore.

You mention PsychDuck who has spend a year supposedly exposing the Dore research. You are correct she is a psychology undergraduate at York University. Strange that because it is this very department of this very University which has been the source of all the criticism of the studies conducted so far on the Dore Programme. One has to ask whether this year of her studies (paid for by the UK taxpayer) was devoted entirely to developing a blog site intended to destabilise Dore or whether this was actually an official undergraduate project. No doubt she will get honours for her endeavours.’

(Dr Roy Rutherford of Dore, comments section of the above article [comment since deleted by the mods, to my frustration])

My lecturers don’t know I write this, I started in the hope it would do my communication skills some good. Delighted he thinks I deserve top marks for this though. I’ve repeatedly asked Rutherford to correct any errors on here, and will of course be happy to post corrections if and when he does. None have yet been forthcoming.

‘EDM 1770


Flynn, Paul

That this House is appalled at the gullible uncritical promotion by the media of Dore, a claimed miracle cure for dyslexia, in the absence of scientific proof of its value; notes that there were five resignations from the editorial board of the journal Dyslexia in protest at false claims published in that journal on the efficacy of Dore; welcomes Ofcom’s finding that Dore’s television advertisement was in breach of its rules on evidence,; calls on the Jeremy Vine Show, Channel Five News, Radio Five Live, BBC London, ITV Central, ITV Yorkshire, the Daily Mail, the Daily Record, Scotland on Sunday, Tonight with Trevor McDonald and You and Yours to correct the false impressions they broadcast on an unproven treatment; and congratulates the bloggers and journalist Ben Goldacre for exposing this bad science and other exploitative snake oil salespeople.’

I get mentioned in Parliament, and not alongside the words ‘dangerous’ anti-social’ ‘terrorist’ or ‘menace to society’. How odd.

Even if taking advice on the Internet was a good idea, I’m not qualified to give it. I’m a psychology undergrad, which ranks me way below lab rats in any academic pecking order. Please go & see a real & suitably qualified doctor or psychologist.

This blog is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No-Derivative licence. If you would like to reuse anything on here in other ways, please bung me a comment or email. If you want to give me a job when I add to the overlarge pile of psychology graduates this summer, please do the same (well, it might work).

brainquack at gmail dot com


4 Responses to “About Brainduck”

  1. thanks for the meanderings of the Dore forum. Still not convinced – I have a friend who has taken her son to see a behavioural optometrist, which may be a route to go- she has said it seems to work for her. Similar theory to Dore, in that starts from the premise that the Hardware (i.e eyes!) work ok, but there is a software (processing) problem – difference is that they are all qualified optometrists/opthalmologists, with an interest in spld. Check out more on BABO (British association of behavioural opthalmologists)

  2. Sorry posted in wrong place!

  3. Grr after 2 years at Dore. now i loose £2,000 of my own wages. i see it as theft. why did i not listen to you and your web site and listen to the rumours. feel sorry for the families too.

  4. Kev, did you see my information for staff under the ‘Dore Shut’ post? You may be able to claim some wages back from a Government scheme.

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