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I’m offline for a bit

Just to let anyone who wants to know know, I’ll be offline for a couple of weeks – may occasionally pick up emails to brainquack at gmail dot com, but I won’t be on blogs & forums & stuff. I’ll be away completely for the next fortnight, probably not be online more than occasionally until September.

It’s the summer, I’m making the most of the last few months before I have to get a ‘proper job’, having adventures in places which still don’t have WiFi, graduating, Saving The World, working at festivals, doing more sport than can possibly be healthy for a person, getting into scrapes and back out of them, living out of bike panniers & tents & friend’s floors & hostels, risking life and limb just ‘cos it’s fun, and generally doing all the stuff my parents thought I’d never do when I was a Problem Duckling. I suppose it’s better that people worry for the things I do do now, rather than the things I don’t!

Hope you all have a good summer too, many thanks to everyone who has read or commented, hope to ‘see’ you again in September, & don’t forget the suncream.

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