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Wynford buys assets, staff & clients remain unpaid

The ‘Sun’ newspaper today claimed that Wynford Dore had brought the assets – but not the liabilities – of the Dore programme from the administrators, at least in the UK. The Dore treatment may keep going in some form, but staff & clients won’t get their money back.

This letter from Wynford (PDF) suggests Dore are expecting to come back.

‘So, just to summarise, we will not be re-opening the majority of the original Dore Centres, but we will be developing relationships with local partners who will focus on their community and provide the Dore technology.’

Thanks to Holfordwatch for the Sun article, more there.

One Response to “Wynford buys assets, staff & clients remain unpaid”

  1. FYI, I’ll be mostly offline for the next few weeks, and indeed rather a lot of July & August. I will check my email when possible (no promises when that will be), brainquack at gmail dot com, but am unlikely to be doing much blogging for the next three weeks at least.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

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