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Brain Gym

There’s a discussion of Brain Gym on the NeuroLogica blog, written from a neurological rather than EdPsych perspective. I found the discussion of the history of ‘psychomotor patterning’ most interesting – useful background to understand the development of movement-based approaches to treating learning difficulties and disabilities.

(BTW, sorry for lack of recent posts, final exams & dissertation deadlines are keeping me rather busier than I’d like).


2 Responses to “Brain Gym”

  1. Of course brain gym works! Go to any monkey house in any zoo and you will see all these higher primates diligently practising brain gym, no wonder they are some of the smartest animals around. Is is only because of this rigourous practice that there in now a case before
    the European court of justice to a declare a chimpanzee a person.

  2. In addition to Brain Gym’s beneficial effects upon chimpanzees, I have seen strong evidence that three 15 minute sessions of Brain Gym per day produces a growth spurt in orchids. One only needs to stroke the sepals (directly below the
    peritoneal oblongata) to stimulate the flowering process. Also, in a quiet environs, the orchids emit a gurgling sound (exciting, albeit it very preliminary evidence of intra-kingdom communication) which may ultimately lead to the development of new treatments for cancer and other dread diseases.

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