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Mental Health & Poverty in the Developing World

Last week I helped to give a workshop on poverty & mental health at MEDSIN Oxford, a medical student conference (I snuck in under false pretences, being a psychology student, but it was very interesting). I’m uploading to here the overheads we used for the talk, and the information we gave people to take away. It’s a bit too long and with too many pictures to read nicely as a blog post, but nevertheless I hope that people may find it interesting.

Poverty and Mental Health information

Poverty and Mental Health overheads

Sorry it’s a bit more technical language than I’d usually use on this blog since it’s meant for medical students, but I haven’t got time to re-write it at the moment. Again, many thanks to TL who wrote a lot of the above, and a reminder that, like everything on this blog, the above work is under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative licence. The downloads are PDF-d, can provide them in any formats OpenOffice can cope with if you bung me a comment. NB none of the names, email addresses, geographical addresses, or other contact details on there are my own, please don’t try to get in touch with me on them because it will just confuse people, if you would like more info please bung me a comment instead.


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