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Radio programme on Dyslexia

I’ve been listening to a very interesting programme on BBC Radio 4, about dyslexia.

There’s some interesting comments from Prof Nicholson (co-author of the ‘Balsall Common’ DORE studies). This particularly discusses the development, uses, and limitations of the ‘Dyslexia Screening Test’ which Prof Nicholson developed, & which is used as a test of progress in the DORE research which I have read.

Prof Nicholson: ‘You would normally try to include a few more than necessary … children with hearing impairment, dyspraxia … if we were starting again we would call it something else’. (My transcript – I don’t type that fast, may not be word-for-word). He also talks about the bead-threading & ‘postural stability’ aspects of the DST.

There’s a bit from Prof Snowling, a discussion on phonics of dyslexia in other languages, and a description of multi-sensory phonics teaching.

The programme is part of a series called ‘Am I normal?’ & also discusses the ethics & technical aspects of testing for developmental disorders in an accessible & informative way. It’s well worth a listen, but unfortunately will only be up on the ‘Listen Again’ section of the BBC website for another few days, and I’ve not been able to find a more permanent copy or transcript. The next programme will be on Dyscalculalia, broadcast 18 March, 9pm, and repeated on the 19 March at 4:30pm.

(BTW, sorry for lack of recent updates – too many exams!)


5 Responses to “Radio programme on Dyslexia”

  1. Hello!

    I’m doing a catch-up on the DORE material (taken me a LONG while and I finally found this document online that I promised you: ) and will be reporting a bit of a summary of the Macquarie University criticisms of Reynolds and Nicolson’s work. I’ve also found the previous work of Rack, Snowling, Hulme and Gibbs (whom you mention spoke in the BBC4 radio program) as well as an interesting article on ‘evidence for therapeutic interventions’ by Haslum. Will get blogging later this week.

  2. Thanks for that – doesn’t really answer a lot of the criticisms, but it does look rather like a crib sheet from which the DORE staff have been answering questions.

  3. No, it doesn’t, does it? Which was why it amused me that it was handed to me as ‘the answer’ by the DORE staff. Sheesh.

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  5. […] Screening Test, as developed by Prof Nicholson & used in most of DORE’s research, is admitted by Prof Nicholson himself to lack specificity. The tests which DORE uses to assess suitability for the programme & their […]

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