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Brainduck Has Moved

I’ve gone over to WordPress, ‘cos it lets me do a lot more interesting things, particularly in terms of linky goodness, & isn’t designed mostly for keeping diaries on. Hope that doesn’t inconvenience people too much, I’ll cut & paste what I had on the old LJ site (, old comments there too) so please update bookmarks accordingly.

I have a blog
It is probably a better idea than me rambling at you in person or on t’internet at less convenient times.

This is mostly for me to ramble about brain-geeky topics – mostly Specific Learning Difficulties, SpLDs (basically things beginning with dys-, like dyslexia & dyspraxia), and Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ASDs, & related topics.

There’s a lot of stuff said about them in the popular press that really is not supported by the evidence, & given that I’m learning how to read & interpret the evidence then I thought I’d try to share some of that.

I’m a final year Psychology undergrad, & I’m also looking for adults (14+), diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc, to help with my final year project. More on that after Christmas when I get ethical clearance, but if you live in NE England, London, South Wales, or anywhere on a train line between them, and can spare an hour to help my degree & Science, please bung me an email or a comment – thanks!

The usual stuff – don’t take psychological advice from people you don’t know on LJ, go and see your GP, school learning support people, or a BPS-registered Clinical or Educational Psychologist.’


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  1. Black and orange, cool. I like your new blog.

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